Training course for 4 persons, 2 days, 18 hours.
Crane commander Signal Provider to the Crane Operator Material binder Overhead crane operator
Participant qualifications

Those who will be able to take the exam and get a certificate "Crane Operator Course" Must be able to force or use a crane For other positions "Signal carrier, binder, controller" There is no need to operate or use a crane.

1. Basic knowledge of hoist and crane.
2. Introduction to electrical system.
3. Alarm system and Limit switch.

Field Training
4. Hand gestures.
5. Selection, use and inspection of lifting equipment.
6. Bonding and lifting methods.
7. Weight assessment.
8. Operation Manual, Periodic Inspection and Maintenance.
9. Planning for safe lifting and considering the weight to be lifted
10. Lifting and moving objects according to the specified path accurately and safely
11. Signaling, binding and safe bonding

- Those who pass the criteria test will receive a certificate of training.
Training Course (PUBLIC) 2 days 12 hours
Techniques for inspection and preventive maintenance for electric hoists and overhead cranes.
According to hoist and overhead crane manufacturers' manual standards and safety engineering principles
Open house to welcome technicians and engineers who want to drill down. Inspection and repair of hoists and overhead cranes emphasizes skills and practicality.


1.Basic knowledge of hoist and crane
2.Electric hoist and overhead crane components
3.Inspection according to Check List and Por Jor. 1
4.Analysis of abnormal problems of hoist and crane

Field Training

5.Weight test demonstration base
6.Inspection of motor drive and brakes
7.Electrical control system inspection operation base
8.Pulley sling inspection laboratory
9.Operating base for inspection of wheel rails, pulley sets

Participant qualifications

Trainees should have a background or be involved or work in maintenance, engineering, inspection, electric hoist and overhead cranes.