Inspection and maintenance is the inspection, measuring with a standard meter and observing visual and auditory symptoms. And preliminary commissioning tests to check for abnormal conditions according to approximately 100 items in the spare parts and parts checklist document, and immediately find fault conditions or corrective defects. The audit team will make corrective actions to make the equipment complete and safe to use, such as altering the connection of wires or electric circuits, replacing electronic or electrical parts, replacing original equipment. Damaged, etc., but not including installation work, dismantling work - assembly work, replacement work that requires a lot of manpower and time until it affects inspection and maintenance work such as large and long sling replacement work, replacement work Bearing and crane wheels, overhaul work, welding work, etc.

The customer will receive after completing the inspection and maintenance of the hoist and crane:

  • Documents certifying safety (Por Jor. 1) by professional engineers 
  • Crane Inspection and Maintenance Report (Check List) 
  • Report damage Cause Solution (Warning List) 
  • Warranty after service